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Featured Tour

Australia and New Zealand - NEW LOWER PRICE!

Now $7,869 credit / $7,554 check pp dbl occ

Thank's to the strength of the US Dollar, we are able to offer this tour at $2000 less than our initial price! Visit the land down under the way it was meant to be seen, with a Mud Bath Spa, Rotorua, Queenstown, Te Anu, Dunedin, & Christchurch in NZ, and visits to Melbourne, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast & Sydney in Australia. Plus, Cruises on Milford Sound, Sydney Harbor, Great Barrier Reef, and Queenstown! * Unique dining at a sheep station, private homes, a castle, & under the night sky at Ayers Rock * Price includes all visas and airfares, including flights within Australia. * $7,869 credit / $7,554 check pp dbl occ * Single Price $8,370 credit/ $8,035 check


Featured Tour

Downton Abbey to Downtown London! July 25 - Aug 1, 2015

An Are We There Yet Select Tour! If you are a fan of the hit show Downton Abbey, , then this is the tour for you! We tour the actual locations used in the filming, Highclere Castle and Byfleet Manor. Tickets to these locations are as rare as gold flakes, so don't delay! We also tour Windsor Castle, the Churchill War Rooms, the British Museum and the village of Oxford. A once in a lifetime tour!


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Have questions? Wondering about the Sneaker Rating? Forgot where you put your Are We There Yet? Passport to Fun? Click the picture below for a list of frequently asked questions and, more importantly, answers!


Trip Insurance


We are proud to work with three travel insurance companies to give you the BEST possible coverage options - Travel Insured  offers our group coverage policy. Visit our Peace of Mind page to find PDFs with rates.They also offer individual insurance for those that are looking to insure a tour not booked within our group.Allianz offers over $100,000 coverage for those traveling along. And new for 2015, Berkshire Hathaway offers an AirCare policy, which tracks your flight in real time and automatically credits your account, from $50 if your plane is delayed more than two hours to a $1000 if your bag is lost. All for a flat $25 payment per domestic flight and can be purchased below. This policy also covers rebooking assistance, concierge services and more. It's great for flying on busy days!

Berkshire Hathaway "AirCare"BHTP


For our Group PoliciesTravel Insured International Insurance Products


For Individual TravelAllianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance Protection Products





Welcome Are We There Yet?
A fun and educational tour company, Are We There Yet? stands out from the crowd by focusing on the small details. You always stay in the nicest places, dine in the best restaurants, and find hidden gems throughout the tour because the owner travels with you every step of the way! From stories and films about the area's you'll see to local step-on guides and iconic stops, you'll never be bored or have to play BINGO! Most tours have optionals so that you can choose the things you wish to do, and explore on your own when you want. So click on the link at the top of the page for upcoming tours, or scroll down to see the three catagories of tour - Vacation Day Trips, Domestic and International tours. See the world with Dea, and let the Tour Girl be your guide.


Want to see what it's like to be on an Are We There Yet? Tour with Dea and Declan? One of our travelers made a great video of our trip on the Danube River! Click Here to watch it on Youtube!


News: Click here and check out our latest brochure!


A Message from Dea Hoover, Owner, Are We There Yet?

Thank you for visiting our website! I envision the website as our front porch. Sit down and rock awhile. We are glad you took the time to read up on our company as well as where we are going next. Please peruse the pages to find destinations that may be on your bucket list, or perhaps places you never thought of going but after reading our description might be your next stop. Declan, Maggie and I pride ourselves on scouting out interesting attractions, step-on guides, restaurants and hotels. We feature educational tours along with relaxing vacations as we know your mood may change when deciding on where to go next.


Let us take care of the details and hop on board the motorcoach, train or plane to explore your next new adventure. Remember, one call does it all with our tours and we can assist with pre and post night arrangements as well. We strive to fulfill our travelers wishes and we believe that is what makes them come back again and again. Yours in tours,


Dea:) the St. Louis Tour Girl


Want to learn more about Are We There Yet? Here's a short video telling you why you should travel with us!




Having a group come into St. Louis and need something to do? Visit our sister company Discover St. Louis From motorcoaches or trolleys, group meals at exclusive venues and incredible tours, one call does it all!

Passport to Fun


To learn more about Are We There Yet? Tours, we have created a special publication we call the Are We There Yet? Passport to Fun.If you're on the mailing list, you should have a copy, or click on the picture to the right and save the PDF on your computer as a back up.




Questions about Travel? Learn from the Best!


Dea teaches a class at the Community College, sharing her tips from her experiences traveling around the world. From what to pack and how to make it fit to making sure you're getting the best deal, you'll always learn something new! We have started compiling some of the tips to place on the website, so stay tuned!
Vacation Days

Vacation Day Trips

Need a break from the daily grind? Then why not take an Are We There Yet? Vacation Day and hop aboard - from river cruises to train rides and coach trips, you'll find something to enjoy!

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Why Tour?

Why take a tour?

There are hundreds of ways to travel, so why take a tour? We've compiled a few reasons here, some of which may surprise you!

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Domestic Tours

Explore the USA & CA!

From the leaves of New England to the Mountains of the West, we travel to all 50 states in 5 years. So grab that list of places you want to see and join us as we see the United States

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What People Are Saying

What people are saying...

We like to think that we're doing something special and innovative in the tour business, but don't just take our word for it - take theirs!

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International Tours

Passport to the World

International travel can be daunting, so let Dea and Declan help you navigate! We're with you all the way, and can even help you get currency before you leave - just ask! (Includes Canada!)

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Peace of Mind

For Your Peace of Mind

It's your vacation, so put your mind at ease. We hold ourselves to a high standard for safety and security for your benefit..

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